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Ten Reasons Why Christians Should Support the Palestinian Bid for Observer Status at the UN

Rev. Alex Awad

1. There are as many Palestinians as Jews living in the territories between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea . While the Jews have their independent State, the Palestinian population has no State and no independence. Most Palestinians have been living under military occupation
for the last 46 yrs. What Mahmoud Abbas is doing at the UN, is to help his people have an observant status at the UN (not full membership). Americans, who champion freedom and independence around the world, should not stand in the way of Palestinian independence.
2. Palestinians seek independence on only 22% of the total land (only within the Gaza Strip and the West bank). Before 1948, 86% percent of the land (Israel/Palestine) belonged to them and they were two thirds of the population.
3. Palestinians at the Oslo agreement recognized Israel rights to 78% of the land. Israel has never officially recognized the right of Palestinians to have a State on any part of the Holy Land .
4. If Israel continues to deny Palestinian independence in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, Israel becomes an apartheid state. Half of the population of Israel will be Palestinian Arabs, Christians and Muslims who are disenfranchised. Israel must choose between allowing Palestinian statehood and becoming an apartheid regime.
5. Consequently, Palestinian Statehood will save Israel from losing her Jewish majority. Within a few years, there will be more Palestinians than Jews between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea . Moving towards Palestinian statehood will not only bless the Palestinians, but will save the State of Israel.
6. Palestinian Evangelicals are overwhelmingly in support of a future Palestinian State next to the State of Israel.
7. If the international community fails to support Palestinian independence, the alternative is a sharp rise in radicalism, fundamentalism and violence that will harm Israel , the Palestinians, the Arab States , the US and the many nations around the world. Radicalism and terrorism thrive where injustice prevails.
8. The PLO is not a terrorist organization. Leaders of the PLO such as Abbas and Palestinian Prime Minister, Salam Fayyad, have committed themselves to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict non-violently.
9. God calls His people to stand with righteousness and justice. We do no favor to the Jewish people when we close our eyes to the injustices taking place in the Holy Land.
10. Prophecy is no excuse to be silent and not use our prophetic voice when we see injustice.

In case anyone is still having doubts, we urge them to "come and see" the realities on the ground. We welcome all!